John Deere Tractors

John Deere Tractors is the brand name of Deere And Company. It is an American company that manufactures agricultural equipment, diesel engines, and construction machinery. John Deere has founded 184 years ago in 1837 its founder John Deere. Its headquarter is in Moline city located in Rock Island County, Illinois, United States. Its logo is of a jumping deer and has John Deere inscribed below it. “Nothing Runs Like A Deere” is the slogan of the company that it has been proving through its tractor and other products. Deere & Company was ranked 84 in the Fortune 500 companies of America in 2020. The company’s annual revenue for 2020 was the US $ 39.540 billion. John Deere is constantly writing new dimensions of growth on the basis of its best products, and skilled craftsmen.

John Deere in India started manufacturing tractors for sale and export in 1998. John Deere has 19 offices, with 6 regional offices in India. John Deere sells its agricultural equipment and serves customers through its close to 900 dealer points. Along with this, John Deere also has four training centers in India. John Deere’s tractor manufacturing unit in India is located in Pune, Maharashtra. John Deere has a long and golden history in manufacturing the finest equipment in the world. In tractor manufacturing, John Deere has come up with a one-of-a-kind series while assessing the needs of the customers.

John Deere Tractor Price List 2021 in India

Known for premium quality tractors in India, John Deere comes with attractive pricing options. On the lower end, John Deere starts with the 3028 EN model just at a starting price of Rs 5.74 lakhs. In the premium segment, they offer a 6120 B model with a starting price of Rs 24.85 lakhs. Check below the complete list of pricing for John Deere tractors in the Indian market:

Tractor ModelsPrice (Starts From)*
John Deere 3028 EN5.75 Lakhs
John Deere 3036 EN6.30 Lakhs
John Deere 3036 E5.85 Lakhs
John Deere 5036 D4.80 Lakhs
John Deere 51055.75 Lakhs
John Deere 5039 D Power Pro5.54 Lakhs
John Deere 5042 D Power Pro6.10 Lakhs
John Deere 5045 D PowerPro7.62 Lakhs
John Deere 52056.00 Lakhs
John Deere 5210 2 WD7.15 Lakhs
John Deere 5050 D8.00 Lakhs
John Deere 5210 4 WD7.60 Lakhs
John Deere 5210 GearPro8.90 Lakhs
John Deere 53109.70 Lakhs
John Deere 53057.10 Lakhs
John Deere 5060E9.10 Lakhs
John Deere 5405 GearPro8.80 Lakhs
John Deere 5065 E10.95 Lakhs
John Deere 5075E 12.60 Lakhs
John Deere 6110B 22.85 Lakhs
John Deere 6120B24.85 Lakhs
*Prices may vary based upon your location

Range Of Tractors By John Deere In India

With the introduction of tractor manufacturing in India in 1998, John Deere launched a large range of tractors to compete with the already existing tractors in the market. John Deere manufactures 28 HP To 120 HP tractors. John Deere tractors are in great demand in India. John Deere manufactures heavy-duty tractors to give a tough competition to their comparison tractors in different segments. John Deere Tractor is known for efficiently saving time and oil under any circumstances. Let us know in details about the different series of tractors by John Deere:

John Deere D Series Tractors

Tractors from 36 HP to 50 HP fall under the John Deere 5 D series. These tractors come with a warranty of 5 years or 5000 hours. The 5 D Series comes with 3 cylinder tractors. All these tractors have standard PTO options. They come in single and double-clutch options with which you can do agricultural work by running any type of agricultural machine. Along with this, you can also do heavy-duty work with 5D series tractors. The tractors coming in this series are as follows:

John Deere E Series Tractors

The John Deere 5E Series includes 50 HP TO 75 HP tractors. Standard/double/reverse PTO option and double-clutch are given in these tractors. These tractors do not feel any pressure in doing heavy work. These tractors are specially designed for use in heavy-duty agricultural equipment. The details of the tractors coming in this series are as follows:

John Deere Speciality Series Tractors

John Deere Specialty Tractors Series comes with 28 HP TO 36 HP power tractors. This series of John Deere Tractors includes mini tractors. This series of tractors is a better option for working in the vegetable and orchard garden. Due to the low height and less width, this tractor can easily do the work of cleaning and harvesting from under the fruit plants. Their lifting capacity is up to 910 kg. These mini tractors have a 3 cylinder engine that works at 2800 RPM. The details of the tractors coming in this series are as follows:

John Deere Super Heavy Duty Tractors

The 110 HP TO 120 HP Power Tractor comes in the John Deere Super Heavy Duty Tractors Series. The Tractor in this series comes with a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. These tractors have been launched in double speed PTO and double clutch. Power hydraulic lift has been given in these, whose capacity is 3650 kg. Being so powerful, tractors can easily do any kind of difficult work even in bad conditions. The details of the tractors coming in this series are as follows:

Strengths of John Deere Tractors in Indian Market

John Deere has traveled a speculated journey in the Indian market since its inception in 1998. Considering the customers as their focal point they are improving their technologies every coming year. A few strengths making John Deere tractors the leading brand are as follows:

  • Engine Performance
  • The durability of their products
  • Trustworthiness & reliability of commitments

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