New Holland Tractors

new holland tractor price list 2021
New Holland Tractors

New Holland Machine Company was established by CNH Industry. It was founded in 1885 in New Holland, Pennsylvania. It was acquired by the Sperry Corporation in 1947. Then in 1986 acquired by the Ford Company and finally in 1991 by Fiat Agri as a manufacturer. It is headquartered in Turin, Italy. In 1999 New Holland was made a brand of CNH Company. The brand president of New Holland is Carlo Lembro. The equipment of New Holland is manufactured all over the world. It is spread in 170 countries of the world. Along with manufacturing Tractors, they also manufacture equipment like Combine Harvester, Grass Cutting Machine, Grape Harvester, etc. New Holland equipment is liked very much across the world.

New Holland started its operations in India in 1998 and launched the first 70 HP tractor. Due to being a big tractor, this tractor could not reach the common people. Still, the company managed to sell 400000 units of it. Targeting the common people, in 1999, the company launched New Holland 3630 in the market. Rakesh Malhotra is currently the Head and Managing Director of New Holland Fiat India Pvt Ltd in India. New Holland ranks sixth in popularity of tractors in India with a market share of 3.77%.

New Holland tractors are manufactured in India in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Tractors made in this factory spread over 60 acres are exported to more than 70 countries. Presently, New Holland has more than 3 lakh satisfied customers in the country. New Holland is always ready to solve the problems of its customers.

New Holland Tractor Price List 2021 in India

Tractor ModelPowerPrice (Starts From)*
New Holland 3037 TX39 HPRs. 5.40 Lakhs
New Holland 3037 NX39 HPRs. 5.60 Lakhs
New Holland 3230 TX Super 42 HPRs. 6.05 lakhs
New Holland 3630-TX Super49 HP Rs. 7.30 lakhs
New Holland 3600-2TX 49 HP Rs.7.15 lakhs
New Holland 3630 TX Plus55 HPRs. 7.70 lakhs
New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition 55 HP Rs. 8.85 lakhs
New Holland 5630 Tx Plus75 HP Rs. 10.50 lakhs
New Holland Excel 471047 HP Rs. 7.55 lakhs 
New Holland Excel 4710 Paddy Special47 HP Rs. 7.90 lakhs
New Holland Excel 601060 HPRs. 8.40 lakhs
New Holland Excel 801080 HP Rs. 12.35 lakhs
New Holland Excel 901090 HPRs. 14.20 lakhs
New Holland 4710 Turbo Super47 HPRs. 8.40 lakhs
New Holland 5500 Turbo Super55 HPRs. 9.50 lakhs
New Holland 6500 Turbo Super65 HPRs. 10.60 lakhs
New Holland 7500 Turbo Super75 HPRs. 12.25 lakhs
*Prices may vary based upon your location

Range Of Tractors by New Holland

New Holland is one of the brands spread in the Indian market which keeps a stronghold in the tractor market. New Holland Tractor Company manufactures tractors from 25 HP to 90 HP. Although there is a long range of New Holland Tractors in the Indian market, New Holland 3230, New Holland 3600, New Holland 4710, New Holland 5630 hold a special place among the most liked tractors. New Holland Tractor sells more than 35000 tractors every year and in this calculation, an increase of 12% to 18% is recorded every year. New Holland has more than 1000 service centers to satisfy its customers. 25+ tractor models of New Holland are available in the market.

New Holland Excel Series

The New Holland Excel series includes heavy-duty tractors of 47 HP to 80 HP tractors. Many powerful tractors are included in this series, which provide maximum benefits to the farmer by completing the difficult task with their power in less time and with less oil consumption. This series comes with both 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder options, double/ single clutch, 43 to 68 HP PTO, 2200 to 2250 RPM engine capacity, which can give excellent performance with any agricultural equipment. With power steering, it makes your driving easy. The fuel tank capacity of 60 to 90 liters is given in this series of tractors which gives you the freedom to work for long hours. Along with this, the company also gives 6 years warranty on this series of tractors. The following are the tractors under New Holland Excel Series:

  • New Holland Excel 4710 Tractor
  • New Holland Excel 5510 Tractor
  • New Holland Excel 6010 Tractor
  • New Holland Excel 8010 Tractor
  • New Holland Excel 9010 Tractor
  • New Holland Excel 4710 Paddy Special Tractor

New Holland Turbo Super Series

The range of New Holland Turbo Super Tractors comprises one of the powerful tractors with a range of 47 HP to 75 HP. This series of heavy-duty tractors has been introduced by New Holland with advanced features, powerful engine, fuel efficiency, and very elegant design. Both 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder tractors fall under this series. Apart from this, you will also get to see options like power steering, multi-disc brake, double-clutch, independent clutch lever, dry air filter, water calling in this series. You also get a warranty of 6000 hours or 6 years in this series of tractors. Lifting capacity from 1700 to 2000 is also available in these tractors. With its 60-liter fuel tank, it gives you the freedom to work freely. The following are the tractors under New Holland Turbo Super Series:

  • New Holland 4710 Turbo Super Tractor
  • New Holland 5500 Turbo Super Tractor
  • New Holland 6500 Turbo Super Tractor
  • New Holland 7500 Turbo Super Tractor

New Holland Tx Series

The 42 HP to 75 HP tractors in the New Holland Tx Tractor Series is available with 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder options. Tractors of this series are very popular and luxurious. These tractors come with low fuel consumption & can work on any agricultural machinery. The design of the New Holland Tractor is also very much liked by the people. Along with the fields, these tractors make you feel the best speed even on the road. Many attractive features have been given in this series like a dry air filter, 40 to 65 HP PTO, single and double-clutch, multiple disc brake, water cooling, independent clutch lever, power steering, which will further enhance your working experience. You also get a 6-year warranty on these tractors. The following are the tractors under New Holland Tx Series:

  • New Holland 3230 TX Super Tractor
  • New Holland 3037 TX Tractor
  • New Holland 3600 Tx Heritage Edition Tractor
  • New Holland 3630-TX Super Tractor
  • New Holland 3600-2TX Tractor
  • New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+ Tractor
  • New Holland 3600-2 TX All Rounder Plus+ Tractor
  • New Holland 3630 TX Plus Tractor
  • New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition Tractor
  • New Holland 5620 Tx Plus Tractor
  • New Holland 5630 Tx Plus Tractor