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preet tractors price list 2021

Preet Tractors started in 1980 as Preet Agro Industries. It was founded by 2 people named Shri Hari Singh and Shri Gurcharan Singh. They first started working in a small garage and named it Preet Agro Industries. They gradually started manufacturing agricultural equipment by 1985. They launched the first tractor-driven Combine Harvester. Gradually this combine has become famous all over India. This success led to the emergence of Preet’s most famous tractor model 987, which, on the strength of its performance, made Preet Tractor successful, which still holds its place among the farming communities not only in India but also in other countries of the world. It is only the result of Hari Singh and Gurcharan Singh Ji’s constant work and passion towards the farmers that Preet Tractor is continuously touching new heights since its inception.

The manufacturing plant of Preet Company is spread over 50000 square meters. Where 35 HP to 90 HP tractors and 75 HP to 110 HP combine harvesters are produced along with other agricultural equipment. They hold more than 40% share in the Indian market. Preet Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. has received a National Award from the President of India in 2010 for harvester manufacturing. In the year 2002, after the huge success of Combine Harvester, Preet Tractor Private Limited was established. In the early years of establishment, the company manufactured tractors ranging from 35 HP to 55 HP. After this, the company also started manufacturing tractors ranging from 65 HP to 90 HP. Today Preet Tractor has a wide range of tractors ranging from 35 HP to 90 HP. Preet Tractor also manufactures air conditioner cabin tractors. Preet Tractor is in great demand in India as well as abroad. Preet Tractor has received the National Award from the President of India in 2011 in tractor manufacturing as well.

Apart from India, Preet also exports its tractors to more than 120 other countries. Preet has established more than 350 dealership networks around the world. They climbed to 14th position in terms of market share in the Indian market. Last year, the company set a record of selling more than 2500 Units. Preet company grows at a rate of about 11% every year.

Preet Tractor Price List 2021 in India

The price of Preet Tractors is quite reasonable and satisfactory. Preet has fixed the price of all series of powerful and reliable tractors according to the budget of farmers. The price of Preet Tractor starts from 3.80 lakhs with Preet 2549 model. The company’s most expensive tractor Preet 10049 is priced at Rs 20 lakh. Compared to other tractors of the same segment in the Indian market, Preet Tractors is economical and reliable. You can find the price of all the tractors of Preet in the table below:

Tractor ModelPowerPrice (Starts From)*
Preet 2549 Tractor 25 HPRs. 3.80 Lakh
Preet 3049 Tractor30 HPRs. 4.60 Lakh
Preet 3549 Tractor35 HPRs. 5.60 Lakh
Preet 4049 Tractor40 HPRs. 5.80 Lakh
Preet 4549 Tractor45 HPRs. 5.95 Lakh
Preet 4549 CR Tractor45 HPRs. 6.15 Lakh
Preet 955  Tractor50 HPRs. 6.52 Lakh
Preet 6049 Tractor60 HPRs. 6.70 Lakh
Preet 6049 NT Tractor60 HPRs. 6.85 Lakh
Preet 6549  Tractor65 HPRs. 8.00 Lakh
Preet 7549 Tractor75 HPRs. 11.15 Lac.
Preet 8049 Tractor80 HPRs. 13.65 Lac.
Preet 9049 Tractor90 HPRs. 14.50 Lac.
Preet 9049AC Tractor90 HPRs. 16.10 Lac.
Preet 10049 Tractor100 HPRs. 20.45 Lac.
*Prices may vary based upon your location

Preet Tractor Models Range In India

Preet Tractor has a wide range of tractors in the market. Preet Tractor is a series of more than 15 tractors available in double variant 2WD and 4WD. The company manufactures 25 HP to 100 HP tractors with world-class advanced features. They also offer 2 and 4 cylinder engine options. The capacity of the Preet Tractor engine is from 1800 cc to 4000 cc which generates power from 2000 RPM to 2200 RPM. Apart from this, other facilities like Dry Air Filter, Water Calling, Double Clutch, Multi Oil Immersed Disc Brakes, Power Steering, and 1000 to 2400 Kg lifting capacity are available in Preet Tractors. Also, there is a forward speed of 40 Km / h and a reverse speed of 30 Km/h for working at high speed.

Preet 25 HP TO 40 HP Tractor Range

You will find very good tractors by Preet in the 25 to 40 hp range. There is also a 3 cylinder and a 2 cylinder mini tractor in this series which helps you to work in gardens and vegetable cultivation as well. You get a 25 hp 1840 cc engine, 21 hp PTO, dry single clutch, 25-liter fuel tank, and 1000 kg lifting capacity in a 2 cylinder mini tractor. 30 to 40 hp tractor in same 3 cylinder engine with 2781 cc to 2892 cc power, heavy-duty single and double-clutch option, oil-immersed dry disc brake, power steering, 1800 kg cut lifting capacity 2 and 4 wheel drive option, 67-liter diesel tank-like features have been given. There are the following 4 tractors models between the 25 HP to 40 HP range by Preet Tractors:

Preet 45 HP TO 65 HP Tractor Range

Medium range tractors are available in this series. They generate power from 45 hp to 65 hp. Any type of agricultural implant can be used by these tractors. It also gives you great mileage with large agricultural implants like rotavator, laser leveler. In the 45 hp to 65 hp tractor series, you get a 4 cylinder engine with a power of 3000 cc to 4000 cc which works on 40 hp to 55 hp PTO power and up to 2200 rpm. Apart from this, features like water cooling, dry air filter, double-clutch, power steering, 67-liter fuel tank, 1800 kg lifting capacity, 2 and 4 wheel drive options are also given in this series. There are the following 7 tractors models between the 45 HP to 65 HP range by Preet Tractors:

Preet 75 HP TO 100 HP Tractor Range

In this series, you get to see heavy-duty tractors which generate power from 75 hp to 100 hp which are specially designed to do heavy agriculture works. The 4000 cc 4 cylinder engine is available in this series, whose high power is free to work with any type of agricultural machine. These tractors get double-speed high power PTO which works on power up to 85 hp. There is a 65-liter fuel tank so that you can work non-stop for a long time. The tractors of this series have a lifting capacity of up to 2400 kg. Along with this, you also get great features like double-clutch 31 km/h speed, multi-disc brake, power steering, and 3600 mm turning radius. There are the following 5 tractors models between the 75 HP to 100 HP range by Preet Tractors:

Strengths of Preet Tractors in Indian Market

Preet Tractors has sailed through a reasonable size of the Indian tractor market. They are considered a blend of modern technologies with fair pricing and customer satisfaction. Let us see some of the strengths of Preet Tractors leading the race:

  • Preet Tractor is a Made in India brand with a lot of national prizes
  • They use modern technologies in their machines
  • They are fuel-efficient
  • They have a strong network of dealers across the country
  • Preet Tractors possess a strong trust of 40 years in the market

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