Top Tractor Brands

top tractor brands in india

India is the second-largest agricultural economy in the world. It also has the third-largest agricultural land area. But, India still has a large percentage of people involved in Agri works. This means that demand for commercial tractors is always high! So, let’s check out where does one looks to buy a tractor in India and which brands have proven themselves.

List of Tractor Companies in India

Tractor CompanyYear of EstablishmentContact Number
Escort19600129 – 2250009
Indo Farm199491-1795-274 247
John Deere18371800-2095-310
Massey Ferguson18471800-4-200-200
New Holland18951800-419-0124
Deutz Fahr196173388 – 21219
Standard197597800 – 25233
Vst Shakti19671800-4190-136

Top 7 Tractor Brands in India

India is becoming one of the largest markets for tractor brands. There are more than 20 brands in India now, each with advanced technologies and features. But Indian consumers trust only a few well-known brands. Let’s look at 7 top brands in India in 2021

Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra tractor

Whenever we talk about tractor companies in India, a name definitely comes to mind, and that is Mahindra Tractors. Yes! In 1963, Mahindra & Mahindra launched its first tractor B-275. And by 2010, Mahindra becomes one of the world’s largest tractor selling brands.

Mahindra has the capacity to manufacture 300,000 tractors a year in India. Therefore, Mahindra is the largest manufacturer of tractors in India. On the basis of its quality, Mahindra won the Deming Prize – the Japanese Quality Award. Mahindra has been working with farmers for a long time.

Preet Tractors

preet tractor logo

Preet Tractors was founded by two people: Shri Hari Singh and Shri Gurcharan Singh. They started in a small garage and named it Preet Agro Industries. They gradually started manufacturing agricultural equipment by 1985. They launched the first tractor-driven Combine Harvester. This combine has become famous all over India.

Apart from India, Preet also exports its tractors to more than 130 other countries. Preet has established 350 dealership networks around the world. It climbed to 14th position in terms of market share in the Indian market. Last year the company sold 2500 tractors. Preet company grows at a rate of 11% every year.

Eicher Tractors

eicher tractor

Eicher’s name in tractor manufacturing has existed for a very long time. Eicher Tractor Company was established in 1936 in Forstern, Upper Bavaria. It was founded by Joseph Eicher and Albert Eicher. Joseph and Albert were born in Germany in an area related to farming. While doing some work, they had the dream of making a machine suitable for agriculture and established it.

Over the past year, Eicher Tractors has sold over 150,000 tractors domestically and internationally. Eicher holds more than a 25% share in the Indian market. To satisfy its customers, Eicher has more than 1000 certified dealers and more than 1500 service centers that live on the coast to solve every problem of their customers.

Kubota Tractors

kubota tractor

Kubota Tractors is a Japanese company that produces small and large tractors. The company was founded by Gonshiro Kubota, who built the first tractor of this brand in 1960. Its production is based on new generation technology used in the making of the first modern Japanese tractor. The company’s headquarters is in Osaka, Japan, and its CEO or president is Masatoshi Kimata 

Kubota Tractor has 251 dealer stations in India. For the Indian farmers, it offers Kubota Tractors at a very reasonable price. The company has launched its new products which are very productive and comfortable. The tractors are suitable for cultivation, fieldwork, and extraction of grains to storehouses making it easy for the farmers to work efficiently.

Swaraj Tractors

swaraj tractor

Swaraj Tractors was established in 1974 to develop India’s first indigenous tractor. Today, this company is moving ahead at a great pace. Currently, Swaraj manufactures other farming equipment along with tractors. They manufacture tractors ranging from 15 HP to 65 HP depending on the need of agriculture. Swaraj also manufactures special tractors for horticulture.

In 2007, Swaraj entered the Mahindra Group. In 2012, Swaraj received the Deming award for becoming a prestigious Deming Award-winning company on the strength of its hard-working engineers. In 2013, he received the TPS Excellence Award from Japan and proved his success. 

John Deere Tractors


John Deere Tractors is a brand name by Deere And Company. It is an American company that manufactures agricultural equipment, diesel engines, and construction machinery. John Deere has founded 184 years ago in 1837 by its founder John Deere. Its headquarter is in Moline city located in Rock Island County, Illinois, United States.

John Deere began manufacturing and selling tractors for sale and export in 1998. In all, John Deere has 19 offices, with six regional offices in India. John Deere sells its agricultural equipment and serves customers through its 907 dealer points.

New Holland Tractors

new holland tractor

The New Holland Machine Company was established by the Sperry Corporation in 1947. Then in 1986 acquired by Ford and finally in 1991 by Fiat Agri as a manufacturer. The company’s headquarters are in Turin, Italy. In 1999 New Holland was made a brand of CNH Company.

New Holland Tractors are manufactured in India in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Tractors made in this factory spread over 60 acres are exported to more than 70 countries. New Holland has more than 3 lakh satisfied customers in the country.

Tractor Market Growth & History in India

During the 60s the government of India initiated the Green Revolution in India program and the need for mechanization created more demands for farm tractors. New manufacturers like Kirloskar Tractors, Harsha Tractors, and Pittie Tractors started making tractors in India. The Indian tractor industry has seen significant growth since the 1960s and the overall demand for tractors in India is increasing, due to low levels of tractor penetration in India.

Due to the increasing demand for quality tractors, manufacturers are using increasingly automated and highly futuristic technologies in India. The key factor enabling tractor growth is strong rural penetration, which was sustained by several factors, including a supportive government policy. Let’s examine some of the major factors:

  • Non-agricultural use of tractors
  • Increase in perceptions of comfort
  • Lucrative finance options